Pandas is another hugely popular package for removing outliers in Python. PyOD includes more than 30 detection algorithms, from classical LOF (SIGMOD 2000) to the latest COPOD (ICDM 2020). There are multiple ways to detect and remove the outliers but the methods, ... Language- Python, Libraries- sklearn library, Numpy, Panda and Scipy, Plot Lib-Seaborn and Matplot. If the points fall within the quartile range then they are used for analysis and if they fall outside the range then they are termed as outliers and removed from the dataset. # Importing required libraries import cv2 import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt from sklearn.decomposition import PCA 1. Removal of Outliers. a) IQR - Interquartile Range. Linear dimensionality reduction using Singular Value Decomposition of the data to project … A pictorial representation of Box plot is given below: //

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